Taking the measures of body does not require nothing fancy just a cloth measuring tape you can buy at any store or a store that sells handmade crafts and sewing supplies. You can choose, inches or centimeters, what you prefer.

Two good parts of your body to measure their waist and hips – – that ‘s because both the extent of waist and waist to hip ratio can be used to assess the risk of chronic diseases. If your belly is getting too big, it is probably the fat and abdominal obesity is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer and arthritis.

see: after waist  training 

How to measure your waist and hips

Stay in a straight line, but relaxed, in front of a mirror. Use the finest clothes or not. Place the tape measure around your waist, near your navel. To measure your hips, place tape measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Men have a waist circumference of more than 40 inches (102 cm) and women who have a waist measurement of more than 35 inches (88 cm) may have an increased risk of obesity related diseases.

The waist measurement can also be used in conjunction with the hips to determine their waist hip ratio. Divide their waist circumference by the circumference of the hip to determine this relationship. Women who have a relationship above 0.8 and men that have a relationship above 0.95 may have an increased risk of obesity related diseases.

As the size of clothes?

The size of clothes is determined by several measures of the body, and change how you win or lose weight. When you lose weight, your clothes begin to feel loose and, depending on how much weight you lose, they may not fit in everything. Or the opposite happens – weight gain, and your clothes are too tight. Then, with a few more pounds, you go up a size. One or two or more.

You may use a tape measure to take several different measures such as the chest, waist and hips and to compare them with graphs of size to determine its size.

Use your clothes as an indicator can be very motivating. It ‘s great to slide even those jeans skinny again, and you can see in the mirror and changes the adjustment of their clothes. But do not cling to a number. Clothing sizes vary considerably from one style of dress to another and even a brand to another.

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Thickening has a sauce or thickening sauce that you currently doing zero (now, while the guests wait!) It is much easier than you imagine. You only need three ingredients and with a few simple steps, you will have the rich and tasty sauce with no lumps in sight. Start with the juices of a roast turkey, chicken, pork or beef roast or simply use the butter with the chicken broth. The process is the same in any way – – and always work perfectly.

How to thicken the sauce has done

Trying to thicken the sauce that you already started? Out in a separate pot and start the process below: melt the butter, add flour and cook for 2 minutes. Use your sauce as the liquid to step 3. Beat and bring to boil. The sauce is thickened.

Things that you need

  • 1 / 4 cup of butter (fat or cooking roast protein)
  • 1 / 4 cup of flour.
  • 1 1 / 2 cups broth (or drops of cooking)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


This recipe is enough juice for 4 to 6 people. If you’re hosting a large group, double income and do not forget to add the cooking time a bit extra for each stage.

How to thicken the sauce that is making the zero

Use equal amounts of fat and flour. If you are starting with the drips of a roast turkey, pork, chicken or roast beef, use a separator of fat as a first step. Then follow the rest of the manual instructions.

Step 1: melt the butter

In a saucepan, melt the butter.

Step 2: add the flour.

Mix in an equal amount of flour into the pan with the butter.

Move frequently over medium heat until the flour cooked, about 2 minutes.

Step 3: put in the liquid

As you continue to beat, pour slowly your broth (or roasting juice) in the pot.

Step 4: take to boil

Let the sauce thicken, bringing his pot to boil. Cook for about 2 minutes to a small plot like this (double this time if you double the recipe) until the sauce begins to reduce. Add a little salt and pepper, as necessary, is proof that you go.

Serve on your mashed potatoes, stuffing drizzled in Turkey or meat, or simply in a bowl of sauce on top of the table.

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Competitions not only for children more – incorporating the alcoholic drinks and play this game in a bar or party for adults can transform the activity of this classic novel on a memorable night out for you and your friends. You can customize the game based on the number of people playing and adventurous as the group. Mark points and the losers to pay for a round of drinks, or play just for fun.

Bar games

Playing a treasure hunt in a bar is a creative way to spice up a night of another typical form and can also be a fun way to meet new people. If all you want to be together, one option is to create a platform of index cards or a list with items, people and situations to hunt. The list can include things like “Matchbox” or be more involved, such as “to convince someone to give her socks.” if you have a larger group, consider split into teams and researching several bars in a designated area, or have teams take pictures using phones or digital cameras.

The games of party.

A treasure hunt can provide a reason to host a party or a way to turn a simple meeting. One idea is to write articles on strips of paper in a bowl and drawing them one at a time. Use a timer to give the guests a minute to find each item in your purse, pocket or in your house – who is unable to find an item gets shot. If you have a smaller space or prefer not to move, ask guests to bring in magazines and playing the same game, finding pictures instead of real items.

Special occasions

A treasure hunt is also a creative activity for a bachelor party or a birthday or a meeting of the class. Use the same ideas listed above, but employ a topic related to the special occasion. For example, a bachelor party for every man to find a married woman, and find out the name of the husband or take a photo of your wedding ring. Incorporating images the game is a fun way to celebrate the occasion.

Rules and prizes

Games to drink may be more informal that you want – just don’t forget to spell out the rules ahead of time and make sure that all are comfortable with the participants. For a night on the town, the best prizes are usually a round of drinks or snacks at night. If you are hosting a party, a single award cheap is good – – a martini glass hand painted or a cold glass of shot would be good choices.

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The look of “beach” is a popular way to wear your hair. The gaze means that your hair is slightly curly or wavy, like you just got back from the beach. If you don ‘t live on a beach or it is too cold to go to the beach, you can look at me right at home.

Start looking at Beachy

Salt water is the main ingredient in “Beachy look. Salt water, wind and sun made his hair look chic and naturally wavy. You have to look right at home without the beach. Fill a spray bottle empty with water (about 8 ounces). Add two spoons of very large, sea salt to the water. Shake the bottle well to dissolve the salt in the water. If you need some texture added, mix a teaspoon of hair gel to salt water and stir well. Take a bath to wet your hair, but do not use shampoo. When you get out of the shower, towel to dry the hair. Spritz the salt water to hair. Apply it liberally for the head, comb the hair with your fingers through. Crush your hair with your fingers for a look super corrugated and allow your hair to dry air. The salt water both nourishes and texturizes your hair for that look out of the beach.

More About Hair Texturizer

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We are all familiar with the tools of beauty as the blender of beauty and clarisonic facial cleaning brushes. Lately, a flood of tools made their way into the slightly intimidating beauty market. Some may look strange and uncomfortable, but they are becoming very popular and may be worth giving a shot. Here ‘s a five new products are very convenient and very useful!

1. Liptiful

The tool liptiful is a lip toning tool that strengthens the area of the lip and cheek while plumping lips. Although this tool can remind you of the infamous Kylie Jenner lip challenge and their painful consequences, this device is completely safe to use. You can insert the tool with your lips and use it to apply a slight suction pressure for 10 to 20 seconds. The results are not dramatic, but if you confirm each day of training, it can reduce lines of lip and keep your facial muscles than in great shape. They come in all kinds of projects, beautiful and fit the lip of different sizes.

2. Jade roller

As many of the most recent skincare products that have become popular in the Western beauty market, the roll of jade was originally created in Asia. This is done with stone, jade pure and is used to massage the face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage, better blood circulation and a more healthy, glowing complexion. From the center of the face, using a gentle pressure, to sweep the roll out and up, as in a movement of “lifting” and so the chin go abroad toward the neck. It is great for use in combination with a serum to face, helping the product spread evenly and to promote better absorption.

3. The card lash

If you use mascara, you probably know this irritating feeling to the product in the lid, when you ‘re really trying to get it only in your eyelashes. People with certain types of eye, and eyes with hood, may have a more difficult time, preventing mascara on their caps higher or lower. The card of lash is a card whose shape fits the eyelid, you can apply mascara on the card without the risk of smear your makeup. Perfect for when you want your makeup look extra polished.

4. A lotion applicator

It is easy to apply the lotion on her legs, arms and stomach, but what do you do when it comes to your back? I thought that I would look for some kind of brush back, and I really found a lotion applicator. He does exactly what it is supposed to do: it reaches parts of your body, you can ‘t get on your hands and massage lotion for you. A must-have for when you go to the beach or pool and you don ‘t want to ask anyone to put sunscreen on your neck and back.

5. Toothbrush like makeup brushes

These brushes, makeup, like toothbrush have become very popular lately. Although the bizarre form you can try to squeeze a little toothpaste on it instead of its foundation, they are very effective in the application and mixing the makeup face. The super soft, extra dense bristles are perfect to get good coverage and a flawless finish, retouched.

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Lately, they asked me a lot: “how can I increase hip size naturally at home, while maintaining a smaller waist?” . that ‘s why I decided to write this article, describe the best exercises that you can do at home with your weight, body or with some improvised “weights” to help him get the bigger hips you always wanted, to obtain a smaller waist at the same time.

The truth is that, today, there are an increasing number of people who are already concerned about their appearance. Specifically, there are a lot of boys and girls who want to know the best exercises of ass so that they may increase the size of your ass, but that will not affect the size of the waist. The good news is that there are some exercises that you can do to increase the size of your ass. Remember, these selections of training of hips will stimulate the growth of their buttocks.

Therefore, these exercises will provide you with the tail firmer and more attractive. That is good with exercises to the buttocks, is that there are no side effects you experience. These exercises will provide you with a safer way to increase the mass in your ass, unlike when you use pills and medicines. In addition, perform these exercises will save you hundreds of dollars. There is no need for you to make package of dollars out of your wallet to enjoy the solution to your needs.

1) the squat

Squats are one of the best exercises that you can do on how to get a bigger butt. Although there are so many options of exercises for you, this continues to be the top recommended experts for you. This is the exercise that will focus on stimulating the growth of the muscles of your area of ass. This is particularly the gluteus maximus muscle.

In addition to increase the size of your ass, this also toning the muscles in your thighs and a little legs. To perform this exercise, only what you need to do is stay in a straight line and take the correct posture of the back. Once that is positioned in this way, what you need to do is to slowly bend your knees without altering the alignment of your spinal cord. After bending the knees, you have to assume an upright position more slowly. You can do five repetitions for about three sets. Certainly, this will provide firmness on the muscles of your ass.

2) lunges

Lunges are also a good choice of exercise to the buttocks. Together with squat, this also is one of the most recommended training options the ass for you. The effects of training ass are better when you are able to deliver the right power up with the use of your heel. Therefore, the best version for you this year is the kind of salon called walking.

You can perform this exercise of ass in any place that you want while you ‘re in the right environment and ready. In addition, you can perform this exercise when you are running. In order to improve the efficiency of this exercise you can do it on a small hill. That ‘s why you can see some corridors, especially hikers who have well established the ass. This is due to the fact that they do this exercise without the awareness that they are in execution.

3) deadlifts

When we speak of the best exercises that ass, deadlift is also one of the best exercises to the buttocks. The main target muscle in this training is its limitations. But then, there are also some experts in the field of exercise that are claiming that this also uses the muscles in your ass. How to get a larger buttocks using this training of ass is very simple. The most common version, recommended to you is the deadlift straight leg. It really stimulates the muscles in your ass so that he will grow up and show the curves of your ass in no time. However, there are some people saying that this is a difficult exercise. But when you are able to accomplish this in the right way, this certainly will provide great benefits in the future.

4) extension of lumbar

Lumbar extension is also another exercise of ass you can do. This particularly targets the butt muscles while toning certain muscle groups in your legs and thighs. In the realization of this exercise, you need to keep your legs straight, so that its effects will be better. To do this, you need to use a bank. There are some fitness centres which will provide you access to the type of bank that you need. How to get a bigger butt is still possible when you use additional weights. You will feel the tension that is originating from muscles of the buttocks. This is the exact voltage that will stimulate the growth of the muscles in your buttocks. Due to the effects of this, lumbar extension is considered as one of the best exercises to the buttocks.

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Starting a business online and do an honest life, especially for beginners, that ‘s what affiliate marketing is important. Okay, you ‘re wondering what affiliate marketing is.

Things that you need

  • Computer
  • The web site.
  • Research.
  • Promotion

For the “newbies”, it is the easiest, fastest way to make money online. It is the promotion of products that companies want to sell. You are selling their products to them and is paid at the same time, promote and sell to them. Here are some simple ways to become a success in affiliate marketing:

1 research looking for products that really matter to you. Know that your product will be easier to say and to explain to people what you are selling. ” Look for products “digital” (i.e., ebooks, reports, etc.) this way there is no stock piling and the fees can be as high as 75% vs the stock pile and low rates of commission. Above all, make sure that their product is of high quality. If you can, buy the product, use it; turn it upside down to see if it is worth it. This reduces returns. Find your niche. Go to the search engines, check out what people are looking for. Learn how to search online. Use a tool to search for the key word. Google is a search tool very good “keyword”.

2 record for networks to affiliate programs – some good are Clickbank, Commission Junction and paydotcom. These networks to handle all payments will be affiliates. In other words, this is how you are being paid. Note that this is a good place to search for products that you would like to promote

3 the product promotion (trafficking) – the best way to promote your product is to create traffic shot for the product you are promoting. Leads people to the affiliate site (link) with the use of Adwords, articles, blogs, forums. To become a social networker. Make friends, promote your products, affiliate and earn money. I mean, not to sell, sell, but making friends first become reliable, let them to ask what you do and how you are doing with your business.

4 finally, after all the search, registration and promotion to sit down, relax, take a deep breath and see their bank account grow.

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Affiliate marketing is an Internet based marketing practice in which a business rewards publishers / salespeople for each visitor or customer. Millions of dollars are being earned in affiliate marketing with every year, and is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Getting started

Doing affiliate marketing is very simple as you do not have to own a website or blog to start. You need to sign up with an affiliate program such as Commission Junction, (www.cj.com) which has wide range of affiliate products, or of the Google search for “affiliate marketing”

From your research on what or who your target market is going to be. Do not try and promote a wide range of products that are not connected with each other.

How to promote

If you do not have a website, you can use sites like squidoo and get a free web page. Make sure you choose the subject for example free samples’ which is very popular.

Insert you codes provided by the affiliate program into your website, and starting marketing your website. Submit your URL to various search engines such as Google.

If you have a website there is more that you can do, and add application such as join mailing list. When someone joins your mailing list that you can send updates of new products and promotions to them.

Your goals

Affiliate marketing is like any other business requires time and patience. Sent your goals as to whether you will set short, medium and long term goals. This will help you to decide how far you want to take your business.

Link cloaking

Since affiliate links can be rather obvious at times, you need to cloak your links. People will actually delete your link, when this happen, if the people go to the site to purchase something you do not get any commission for that purchase.

There are free online versions of software on how to cloak your links.

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Affiliate marketing is a growing field Internet business that is similar to a reference company. Traffic is the key to any business, but in the market all over the world of the Internet is king. Online business often hire traders from the subsidiary to drive traffic to their sites, to buy products. The merchants of the subsidiary are given a hefty Commission on every sale made from a client that they sent to the company.

Decide on a niche market. Each recess has a sales opportunity, which means that there is an opportunity for affiliate marketing. Stick with what you already know about and will reduce the research and facilitate to establish himself as an expert on the subject.

To open an account with Clickbank, Commission Junction, eBay, Amazon and Google to find companies that are actively seeking traders of the subsidiary. Clickbank and commission junction are just two of the many companies that offer lists of sites need traders of the subsidiary. Amazon, eBay and Google have their own programs, sales branch.

Go to the analysis tool of key word in Google to find the best keywords to the item (NS) that you are in the market. It is important to find key words which is highly researched with low competitiveness. The entire Internet operates in the density of key word and key words is how to search engines to find you. Using key words appropriately in its marketing campaigns of the subsidiary is the only way to attract traffic to your site and induce the sales.

Choose the target audience of his campaign of affiliate marketing. If you like social networking sites such as Digg, Facebook and MySpace, then establish himself as an expert in his field and acquire the following articles and advice. Add links from affiliates for their signatures and ask friends to read and respond to their campaigns.

Publishes content SEO (search engine optimized) with affiliate links embedded in places such as many as you can. Do not spam, message boards, forums and e-mail accounts. Simply type the maximum amount of information in the form of article and post it online. Squidoo and hubpages are both good places to start.

Start your own blog in a specific category and host it yourself, so you do not violate any terms of affiliate marketing in a group website hosted as a blogger or WordPress. If you want to sell for more than a niche, open a blog separately for each area of interest. For example, if you want to sell a dog training program and a cat grooming tool, open two separate blogs.

Hints and warnings

Starting a campaign through strong SEO skills of writing of affiliate marketing, you will build a strong reputation and follow in many communities throughout the world. People are more willing to buy from people you know and trust. You can also establish yourself as an expert in any field writing interesting, well thought out articles that provide answers. Including affiliate links in each article and their signatures across the web is the key to get the business.

Blogs are free to start and to test, and cost only a few dollars per year to the host. So test layouts such as many as you can think of and control which draws the majority of traffic. Host the best of them and put their articles with links affiliates in the world of web traffic.

Don ‘t jump in pay per click advertising to launch a career of affiliate marketing. Using pay per click advertising without the knowledge of key words or writing of organic SEO is a pure game.

Never pay a program, or buy a kit to be rich in the field of affiliate marketing. Everything you need to learn is free and is available on the Internet.

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