Lately, they asked me a lot: “how can I increase hip size naturally at home, while maintaining a smaller waist?” . that ‘s why I decided to write this article, describe the best exercises that you can do at home with your weight, body or with some improvised “weights” to help him get the bigger hips you always wanted, to obtain a smaller waist at the same time.

The truth is that, today, there are an increasing number of people who are already concerned about their appearance. Specifically, there are a lot of boys and girls who want to know the best exercises of ass so that they may increase the size of your ass, but that will not affect the size of the waist. The good news is that there are some exercises that you can do to increase the size of your ass. Remember, these selections of training of hips will stimulate the growth of their buttocks.

Therefore, these exercises will provide you with the tail firmer and more attractive. That is good with exercises to the buttocks, is that there are no side effects you experience. These exercises will provide you with a safer way to increase the mass in your ass, unlike when you use pills and medicines. In addition, perform these exercises will save you hundreds of dollars. There is no need for you to make package of dollars out of your wallet to enjoy the solution to your needs.

1) the squat

Squats are one of the best exercises that you can do on how to get a bigger butt. Although there are so many options of exercises for you, this continues to be the top recommended experts for you. This is the exercise that will focus on stimulating the growth of the muscles of your area of ass. This is particularly the gluteus maximus muscle.

In addition to increase the size of your ass, this also toning the muscles in your thighs and a little legs. To perform this exercise, only what you need to do is stay in a straight line and take the correct posture of the back. Once that is positioned in this way, what you need to do is to slowly bend your knees without altering the alignment of your spinal cord. After bending the knees, you have to assume an upright position more slowly. You can do five repetitions for about three sets. Certainly, this will provide firmness on the muscles of your ass.

2) lunges

Lunges are also a good choice of exercise to the buttocks. Together with squat, this also is one of the most recommended training options the ass for you. The effects of training ass are better when you are able to deliver the right power up with the use of your heel. Therefore, the best version for you this year is the kind of salon called walking.

You can perform this exercise of ass in any place that you want while you ‘re in the right environment and ready. In addition, you can perform this exercise when you are running. In order to improve the efficiency of this exercise you can do it on a small hill. That ‘s why you can see some corridors, especially hikers who have well established the ass. This is due to the fact that they do this exercise without the awareness that they are in execution.

3) deadlifts

When we speak of the best exercises that ass, deadlift is also one of the best exercises to the buttocks. The main target muscle in this training is its limitations. But then, there are also some experts in the field of exercise that are claiming that this also uses the muscles in your ass. How to get a larger buttocks using this training of ass is very simple. The most common version, recommended to you is the deadlift straight leg. It really stimulates the muscles in your ass so that he will grow up and show the curves of your ass in no time. However, there are some people saying that this is a difficult exercise. But when you are able to accomplish this in the right way, this certainly will provide great benefits in the future.

4) extension of lumbar

Lumbar extension is also another exercise of ass you can do. This particularly targets the butt muscles while toning certain muscle groups in your legs and thighs. In the realization of this exercise, you need to keep your legs straight, so that its effects will be better. To do this, you need to use a bank. There are some fitness centres which will provide you access to the type of bank that you need. How to get a bigger butt is still possible when you use additional weights. You will feel the tension that is originating from muscles of the buttocks. This is the exact voltage that will stimulate the growth of the muscles in your buttocks. Due to the effects of this, lumbar extension is considered as one of the best exercises to the buttocks.

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