Affiliate marketing is an Internet based marketing practice in which a business rewards publishers / salespeople for each visitor or customer. Millions of dollars are being earned in affiliate marketing with every year, and is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Getting started

Doing affiliate marketing is very simple as you do not have to own a website or blog to start. You need to sign up with an affiliate program such as Commission Junction, ( which has wide range of affiliate products, or of the Google search for “affiliate marketing”

From your research on what or who your target market is going to be. Do not try and promote a wide range of products that are not connected with each other.

How to promote

If you do not have a website, you can use sites like squidoo and get a free web page. Make sure you choose the subject for example free samples’ which is very popular.

Insert you codes provided by the affiliate program into your website, and starting marketing your website. Submit your URL to various search engines such as Google.

If you have a website there is more that you can do, and add application such as join mailing list. When someone joins your mailing list that you can send updates of new products and promotions to them.

Your goals

Affiliate marketing is like any other business requires time and patience. Sent your goals as to whether you will set short, medium and long term goals. This will help you to decide how far you want to take your business.

Link cloaking

Since affiliate links can be rather obvious at times, you need to cloak your links. People will actually delete your link, when this happen, if the people go to the site to purchase something you do not get any commission for that purchase.

There are free online versions of software on how to cloak your links.