The look of “beach” is a popular way to wear your hair. The gaze means that your hair is slightly curly or wavy, like you just got back from the beach. If you don ‘t live on a beach or it is too cold to go to the beach, you can look at me right at home.

Start looking at Beachy

Salt water is the main ingredient in “Beachy look. Salt water, wind and sun made his hair look chic and naturally wavy. You have to look right at home without the beach. Fill a spray bottle empty with water (about 8 ounces). Add two spoons of very large, sea salt to the water. Shake the bottle well to dissolve the salt in the water. If you need some texture added, mix a teaspoon of hair gel to salt water and stir well. Take a bath to wet your hair, but do not use shampoo. When you get out of the shower, towel to dry the hair. Spritz the salt water to hair. Apply it liberally for the head, comb the hair with your fingers through. Crush your hair with your fingers for a look super corrugated and allow your hair to dry air. The salt water both nourishes and texturizes your hair for that look out of the beach.

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