Competitions not only for children more – incorporating the alcoholic drinks and play this game in a bar or party for adults can transform the activity of this classic novel on a memorable night out for you and your friends. You can customize the game based on the number of people playing and adventurous as the group. Mark points and the losers to pay for a round of drinks, or play just for fun.

Bar games

Playing a treasure hunt in a bar is a creative way to spice up a night of another typical form and can also be a fun way to meet new people. If all you want to be together, one option is to create a platform of index cards or a list with items, people and situations to hunt. The list can include things like “Matchbox” or be more involved, such as “to convince someone to give her socks.” if you have a larger group, consider split into teams and researching several bars in a designated area, or have teams take pictures using phones or digital cameras.

The games of party.

A treasure hunt can provide a reason to host a party or a way to turn a simple meeting. One idea is to write articles on strips of paper in a bowl and drawing them one at a time. Use a timer to give the guests a minute to find each item in your purse, pocket or in your house – who is unable to find an item gets shot. If you have a smaller space or prefer not to move, ask guests to bring in magazines and playing the same game, finding pictures instead of real items.

Special occasions

A treasure hunt is also a creative activity for a bachelor party or a birthday or a meeting of the class. Use the same ideas listed above, but employ a topic related to the special occasion. For example, a bachelor party for every man to find a married woman, and find out the name of the husband or take a photo of your wedding ring. Incorporating images the game is a fun way to celebrate the occasion.

Rules and prizes

Games to drink may be more informal that you want – just don’t forget to spell out the rules ahead of time and make sure that all are comfortable with the participants. For a night on the town, the best prizes are usually a round of drinks or snacks at night. If you are hosting a party, a single award cheap is good – – a martini glass hand painted or a cold glass of shot would be good choices.