The look of “beach” is a popular way to wear your hair. The gaze means that your hair is slightly curly or wavy, like you just got back from the beach. If you don ‘t live on a beach or it is too cold to go to the beach, you can look at me right at home.

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Salt water is the main ingredient in “Beachy look. Salt water, wind and sun made his hair look chic and naturally wavy. You have to look right at home without the beach. Fill a spray bottle empty with water (about 8 ounces). Add two spoons of very large, sea salt to the water. Shake the bottle well to dissolve the salt in the water. If you need some texture added, mix a teaspoon of hair gel to salt water and stir well. Take a bath to wet your hair, but do not use shampoo. When you get out of the shower, towel to dry the hair. Spritz the salt water to hair. Apply it liberally for the head, comb the hair with your fingers through. Crush your hair with your fingers for a look super corrugated and allow your hair to dry air. The salt water both nourishes and texturizes your hair for that look out of the beach.

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We are all familiar with the tools of beauty as the blender of beauty and clarisonic facial cleaning brushes. Lately, a flood of tools made their way into the slightly intimidating beauty market. Some may look strange and uncomfortable, but they are becoming very popular and may be worth giving a shot. Here ‘s a five new products are very convenient and very useful!

1. Liptiful

The tool liptiful is a lip toning tool that strengthens the area of the lip and cheek while plumping lips. Although this tool can remind you of the infamous Kylie Jenner lip challenge and their painful consequences, this device is completely safe to use. You can insert the tool with your lips and use it to apply a slight suction pressure for 10 to 20 seconds. The results are not dramatic, but if you confirm each day of training, it can reduce lines of lip and keep your facial muscles than in great shape. They come in all kinds of projects, beautiful and fit the lip of different sizes.

2. Jade roller

As many of the most recent skincare products that have become popular in the Western beauty market, the roll of jade was originally created in Asia. This is done with stone, jade pure and is used to massage the face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage, better blood circulation and a more healthy, glowing complexion. From the center of the face, using a gentle pressure, to sweep the roll out and up, as in a movement of “lifting” and so the chin go abroad toward the neck. It is great for use in combination with a serum to face, helping the product spread evenly and to promote better absorption.

3. The card lash

If you use mascara, you probably know this irritating feeling to the product in the lid, when you ‘re really trying to get it only in your eyelashes. People with certain types of eye, and eyes with hood, may have a more difficult time, preventing mascara on their caps higher or lower. The card of lash is a card whose shape fits the eyelid, you can apply mascara on the card without the risk of smear your makeup. Perfect for when you want your makeup look extra polished.

4. A lotion applicator

It is easy to apply the lotion on her legs, arms and stomach, but what do you do when it comes to your back? I thought that I would look for some kind of brush back, and I really found a lotion applicator. He does exactly what it is supposed to do: it reaches parts of your body, you can ‘t get on your hands and massage lotion for you. A must-have for when you go to the beach or pool and you don ‘t want to ask anyone to put sunscreen on your neck and back.

5. Toothbrush like makeup brushes

These brushes, makeup, like toothbrush have become very popular lately. Although the bizarre form you can try to squeeze a little toothpaste on it instead of its foundation, they are very effective in the application and mixing the makeup face. The super soft, extra dense bristles are perfect to get good coverage and a flawless finish, retouched.

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